Examples of our work

Big Win Philanthropy is proud to support a number of exciting and important projects, some of which are profiled below. Click on any of the summaries to see a more detailed description.

Supporting ministers to be transformational leaders: Harvard Ministerial Leadership Program

Big Win Philanthropy is expanding an initiative that enables government ministers to develop as transformational leaders. In partnership with Harvard University’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Kennedy School of Government and Graduate School of Education, the Harvard Ministerial Leadership Program is built around an intensive week of sessions addressing issues such as envisioning big wins, navigating the political environment, implementation planning and effective execution.
94 health and finance ministers participated since 2012
53 national governments represented
121% boost to health ministers’ confidence to meet key challenges
55% boost to finance ministers’ confidence to meet health challenges
2/3 of health ministers later reported progress on ‘legacy goals’

Supporting the Government of Ethiopia to end child undernutrition: Seqota Declaration

The Seqota Declaration is a bold national commitment by the Government of Ethiopia to end child undernutrition in the country by 2030. Working alongside the federal ministers and regional leaders most central to addressing the challenge, Big Win Philanthropy is supporting the upgrading of plans and the quality of program delivery.
40% of children under five are stunted
51% of child deaths are associated with undernutrition
$4.7bn cost to the Ethiopian economy in 2009 (16.5% of GDP)
20% earning shortfall for adults malnourished as children
2030 Government target date for eliminating child undernutrition

Unlocking the nutrition potential of $33bn of investments: Banking on Nutrition

Banking on Nutrition is helping to generate long-term economic growth across Africa by unlocking the nutrition potential of the African Development Bank’s $33 billion investment portfolio. It involves redesigning the Bank’s investments in areas such as agriculture and water to deliver a greater return by being more “nutrition-smart”.
11% of GDP in sub-Saharan Africa is lost to undernutrition
20% higher earnings by adults who were well-nourished as children
$33bn portfolio is to be harnessed for nutrition potential

Payroll cleaning to boost education in Liberia: Teacher Vetting Reform Project

Liberia could free up around a fifth of its education budget to boost the quality and numbers of its teachers - by eliminating fake teachers from the national payroll list. With the backing of the President of Liberia, Big Win Philanthropy is supporting the Minister of Education to enable millions of dollars per year to be released.
20% of the Liberian teacher payroll is estimated to be fake teachers.
20% of the education budget could be freed up by clean payroll lists
$7.5m more every year could then be used to improve education
2016 saw the work backed by the President and Cabinet

Tracking Kenya’s progress on children and youth at county level: Devolution Dashboard

Kenya’s 2013 devolution reforms now channel over $3 billion a year to 47 new county governments for services such as health, education and agriculture. Big Win Philanthropy is partnering with Kenya’s Council of Governors with the intention of developing a Devolution Dashboard - a regularly-updated summary of key data to help county governors and their teams track child and youth indicators of the progress needed to achieve a demographic dividend.
$3bn a year is being controlled by new county governments
47 counties are co-ordinated by the Council of Governors
12-fold increase in GDP per person is possible by 2050

Prevention of mother-to-child HIV infection: Accelerating the Elimination of Pediatric HIV and AIDS in Zimbabwe

In partnership with the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, Big Win Philanthropy previously supported this program which dramatically reduced Zimbabwe’s mother-to-child HIV transmission rates from 30% in 2010 to less than 7% in 2014, and an estimated 5% in 2015.
30% mother-to-child transmission rate in 2010, falling to…
7% in 2014 and…
5% estimated for 2015
37,000 new infant infections prevented
13,000 children’s lives saved

Building public sector leadership in Liberia: the President’s Young Professionals Program

The development of management and leadership talent for Liberia’s civil service is a crucial element in rebuilding the country after years of civil war. To help this process, Big Win Philanthropy is supporting the President’s Young Professionals Program (PYPP) in Liberia.
120 young professionals given public sector placements
90% of alumni have stayed in the Liberia public sector

Other work

Big Win Philanthropy supports other work besides its main programs. One example is support for the elimination of mother-to-child transmission of HIV/AIDS in Kenya.
Elimination of mother-to-child HIV transmission in Kenya.