Examples of our work

Big Win Philanthropy is proud to support a number of exciting and important projects, some of which are profiled below. Click on any of the summaries to see a more detailed description.

Supporting ministers to be transformational leaders: Harvard Ministerial Leadership Program

Supported by Big Win in partnership with Harvard University, the Harvard Ministerial Leadership Program enables health, education and finance ministers to develop as transformational leaders. It involves an intensive week at Harvard addressing issues such as envisioning big wins, navigating the political context, effective implementation and multi-sector collaboration.
94 health and finance ministers participated since 2012
53 national governments represented
121% boost to health ministers’ confidence to meet key challenges
55% boost to finance ministers’ confidence to meet health challenges

Supporting the Government of Ethiopia to end child undernutrition: Seqota Declaration

The Seqota Declaration is a bold commitment by the Government of Ethiopia to end child undernutrition in Ethiopia by 2030.  Big Win Philanthropy is partnering with the Deputy Prime Minister, two Regional Presidents and federal ministries that include health, water, agriculture, livestock, education, social protection and women to build leadership, enhance sector plans and position the program to deliver on its ambitious goal. This initiative will aim to double the speed of stunting reduction across the country, a rate never before seen in Africa.
40% of children under five are stunted
51% of child deaths are associated with undernutrition
$4.7bn cost to the Ethiopian economy in 2009 (16.5% of GDP)
20% earning shortfall for adults malnourished as children
2030 Government target date for eliminating child undernutrition

Unlocking nutrition investment: Banking on Nutrition with the African Development Bank

Child undernutrition is a major obstacle to human and economic development. It is associated with almost half of child deaths in Africa and costs the region 11% of GDP. The African Development Bank is the continent’s premier development finance body and is uniquely placed to reposition nutrition as central to development across multiple sectors. Its Banking on Nutrition partnership with Big Win strengthens its capacity to realize the nutrition potential of future investments, for example through the biofortification of maize and other crops to be more nutrient-rich.
11% of GDP in sub-Saharan Africa is lost to undernutrition
20% higher earnings by adults who were well-nourished as children

Upgrading education quality in Liberia

Liberia is the sixth-poorest country in the world, working to recover from two civil wars and the Ebola crisis. With 43% of Liberian people illiterate and 53% aged under 20, better education is essential for breaking the cycle of poverty. Big Win Philanthropy has been supporting the Government of Liberia to improve education and training through four programs: vetting to remove people who are not teachers from teacher payrolls, an education delivery unit, The President's Young Professionals Program and positioning Liberia to access outcomes-based funding.
10% of the teacher payroll did not exist or were not teachers.
$3.1m of annual savings will be made
1,800 new teachers can be employed

Evidence review of violence against children in Africa

Big Win Philanthropy has undertaken an evidence review of the benefits for human and economic development of preventing violence against children. Physical and sexual violence at home, at school and in the community affects around two thirds of all children in Africa and is an economic issue as well as a moral one.

The review is available for download.
2/3 of children in Africa suffer violence
Brain development is impaired
GDP is reduced by around 3-4%
40-60% reduction in violence is achieved by some prevention programs

Creating a dashboard for local government in Kenya to track the impact of investments in young people

Kenya’s 2013 devolution reforms channel $3 billion a year to 47 new county governments for services such as health, education and agriculture. Big Win Philanthropy commissioned experts to advise Kenya’s Council of Governors on the development of  a dashboard - a regularly-updated summary of key data. The purpose would be to enable county governors to track child and youth indicators to support resource allocation decisions, service delivery and accountability for results.
$3bn a year is being controlled by new county governments
47 counties are co-ordinated by the Council of Governors

Prevention of mother-to-child HIV infection: Accelerating the Elimination of Pediatric HIV and AIDS in Zimbabwe

In partnership with the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, Big Win Philanthropy previously supported this program which dramatically reduced Zimbabwe’s mother-to-child HIV transmission rates from 30% in 2010 to less than 7% in 2014, and an estimated 5% in 2015.
30% mother-to-child transmission rate in 2010, falling to…
7% in 2014 and…
5% estimated for 2015
37,000 new infant infections prevented
13,000 children’s lives saved

Youth employment in Ethiopia

At the initiation of the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Big Win Philanthropy is developing a partnership with the Ethiopian government to create 1 million quality jobs for young people.
70% of Ethiopia's population is under the age of 30
1 million quality jobs are intended to be created by the partnership


Big Win Philanthropy has a number of new programs that have been approved by its board and are being developed.
Results-based funding for education in Africa
Tracking youth employment and nutrition across Africa

Other work

Big Win Philanthropy supports other work besides its main programs. One example is support for the elimination of mother-to-child transmission of HIV/AIDS in Kenya, and another is Kenya's G-United program for volunteer teachers.
Elimination of mother-to-child HIV transmission in Kenya.
Supporting Kenya's national program for volunteer teachers.