The lawful and transparent collection, storage and use of personal data is important to Big Win Philanthropy.

We use data obtained through our website in the following ways:

Our website uses “cookies,” or small text files that are stored on your computer or device when you access the site.  (You can learn more about cookies here:  We use these cookies to remember you and other users and to help us understand how you and other users interact with our website.  To do this, we may also collect your Internet Protocol (IP) address, Internet service provider, browser type, and language.

You can block cookies by using the settings on your browser, which allow you to refuse the placement of some or all cookies.

If you submit personal information to us via the website, whether by email, through our email sign-up form, or through our “contact” page, we will store that information and may use it to contact you in connection with our charitable activities. 

We use third-party analytics services, including Google Analytics, to gather information about your and other users’ use of our website, which allows us to improve the website.  Google describes its practices here: Google Analytics and other third-party analytics providers use cookies andrelated technologies to collect information about how users engage with our website and use that information to produce reports on website trends, without identifying individuals.  We use the information from these services to monitor patterns of usage on our website, help us identify any difficulties users are encountering, and learn if our communications are being made effectively.  As with everything we do, the overarching purpose of these activities is to improve our charitable performance for the benefit of children and young people.