In partnership with Big Win Philanthropy, African Development Bank launches ambitious plan to improve child nutrition, fight stunting

Working with Big Win Philanthropy and Aliko Dangote Foundation, the African Development Bank (AfDB) has launched an ambitious Multi-Sectoral Nutrition Action Plan, which aims to catalyze nutrition-smart investments to support a 40% stunting reduction in Africa by 2025.

Reporting on the launch, Devex noted:

Through its 2018-2025 action plan, AfDB has committed to scaling up the proportion of nutrition-smart investments in five sectors that account for more than 30 percent of government spending: education and skills; WASH; social protection; health; and agriculture…

“By leveraging investments across five sectors, and encouraging its member countries to do the same, the African Development Bank is achieving ‘double wins’ for every dollar spent: improving lives and generating economic growth,” Big Win Philanthropy Chair and President Jamie Cooper said at the launch event. “In terms of human development, nutrition is as important as investments in infrastructure and power [are] in stimulating economic growth,” Cooper said.

To learn more about this initiative, download the Action Plan or brochure.