Big Win’s model profiled in Chronicle of Philanthropy

Big Win’s pioneering approach to collaborating with government leaders to deliver transformational impact in human capital development has been profiled in The Chronicle of Philanthropy.

In a piece authored by Lisa Witter – the founder of a platform called Apolitical, which connects civil servants around the world – Big Win was highlighted as an example of philanthropies on the leading edge of a new approach to working with governments.

Highlights from the article are included below, and you can read the full piece here.

Jamie Cooper founded Big Win in 2015 to support government leaders in Africa with ambitious plans and transformational goals in the area of youth development. Because she had worked in philanthropy and global development for more than two decades, she knew that many government leaders have compelling visions for transforming their countries or specific areas of responsibility but often need practical support to deliver on them.

For example, many governments need to learn how to put in place data-driven policies and then monitor support to track their progress. Many also need communications support so they can advance policies with key players and the public. The funding gap for this type of assistance was small enough that the foundation could fill it, but the payoff to government’s increased impact has been huge.

Big Win helped the Harvard Ministerial Leadership Program, an American program that helps new education, finance, and health ministers explore innovative policies to promote youth development and create detailed plans for their implementation. The program, which was founded eight years ago, has already showed remarkable results, and it is an excellent example of the kind of partnerships we desperately need more of.

Read the full article here.