Big Win partners with the African Centre for Cities on initiative to catalyze the transformation of cities in Africa

Big Win Philanthropy has partnered with the African Centre for Cities (ACC) at the University of Cape Town on a ground-breaking initiative to catalyze the transformation of cities in Africa: the African Mayoral Leadership Initiative (AMALI).

Africa is experiencing unprecedented urbanization and growth of its youthful population. This brings with it serious challenges, but also the potential for transformative change. With bold visions and the right support, African city leaders can set their cities on a trajectory to thrive for generations. They can leave a legacy of vibrant cities that become hubs for economic development and great places to live, and offer new models for sustainable and inclusive growth.

To help city leaders from across the continent make the most of this opportunity, AMALI will support them through two key platforms: the AMALI City Leadership Programme and the AMALI Urban Governance Research Lab.

The AMALI City Leadership Programme offers a year-long program to support mayors in honing the visions for their cities by defining their legacy goals, understanding how to lead change in complex landscapes, and mobilizing the teams, partners, tools, and resources required to deliver transformational results. It will begin with an intensive, four-day Forum in Cape Town.

The AMALI Urban Governance Research Lab provides mayors and other policymakers with the research support and data analytics they need to transform African cities. Mayors participating in the AMALI City Leadership Programme will have access to synthesized data on their cities and will be supported by the lab’s researchers to fill data gaps and analyze interventions tied to their visions.

The inaugural cohort of the AMALI City Leadership Programme will be supported by a distinguished group of advisors and mentors who have walked in their shoes as mayors, public leaders, or experts with a legacy of transformation. AMALI Board Co-Chair and Big Win Chair and President Jamie Cooper highlighted the caliber and expertise of these mentors and advisors and the invaluable insight they will provide to the inaugural cohort of city leaders:

“Our research and experience around pioneering transformative leadership portends that mayors and city leaders are going to be gamechangers in setting the trajectory of the African continent. Our advisory board members understand this first-hand, having led bold, game-changing urban development initiatives. I look forward to seeing how they engage with—and inspire—our first cohort of city leaders.”

During his welcome address to the inaugural cohort, AMALI Board Co-Chair and Founding Director of ACC Edgar Pieterse said:

“AMALI takes into account the unique conditions of African cities, as well as the demanding, complex, and exhilarating challenges that lie ahead for our continent. Building prosperity and ensuring a better future for all people across Africa begins with supporting our leaders in local and regional government.”

The members of Cohort 2023 include:

  • Adanech Abiebie – Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  • Chilando Chitangala – Lusaka, Zambia
  • Davis Mwamfupe – Dodoma, Tanzania
  • Dresse Sahilu Goshu – Bahir Dar, Ethiopia
  • Hailu Jelde – Adama, Ethiopia
  • Kimani Wamatangi – Kiambu, Kenya
  • Mahmoud Muhammed Mussa – Zanzibar, Tanzania
  • Manuel de Araújo – Quelimane, Mozambique
  • Mpasa Mwaya – Kitwe, Zambia
  • Namayanja Florence – Masaka City, Uganda
  • Omary Said Kumbilamoto – Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  • Raymonde Goudou Coffie – Lacs, Côte d’Ivoire
  • Regina Bakitte Musoke – Nansana, Uganda
  • Roger Mbassa Ndine – Douala, Cameroun
  • Samuel Mollalign – Dessie, Ethiopia