Jamie Cooper

Jamie Cooper, Chair and President, Big Win Philanthropy

Jamie Cooper, Chair and President, Big Win Philanthropy

Jamie Cooper is founding Chair and President of Big Win Philanthropy. Jamie has more than 20 years’ experience in bringing private sector, government and non-profit leaders together to pursue innovative policy on economic and social issues. She previously co-founded the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation and served as its President and CEO.

Jamie Cooper says: “Growth and stability in African countries will be achieved by leaders with the vision to invest in the emerging new generation of young people. With Big Win Philanthropy, I aim to support these leaders.”

Big Win Philanthropy is an independent foundation that invests in children and young people in developing countries to improve their lives and to maximize demographic dividends for long term economic growth. Big Win Philanthropy partners with leaders who have a stake in the outcome to achieve transformational change.

Jamie is married to Methembe Ndlovu and has four children and three step-children.