The Nutrition Village program in Madagascar co-ordinates action by the health, education, water and agriculture sectors. The African Development Bank may soon invest to involve the transport sector as well in this multi-sector approach to nutrition.

Unlocking nutrition investment: Banking on Nutrition with the African Development Bank

Child undernutrition is a major obstacle to human and economic development. It is associated with almost half of child deaths in Africa and costs the region 11% of GDP. The African Development Bank is the continent’s premier development finance body and is uniquely placed to reposition nutrition as central to development across multiple sectors. Its Banking on Nutrition partnership with Big Win strengthens its capacity to realize the nutrition potential of future investments, for example through the biofortification of maize and other crops to be more nutrient-rich.


11% of GDP in sub-Saharan Africa is lost to undernutrition
20% higher earnings by adults who were well-nourished as children