Harvard Ministerial Leadership Program participants discuss innovative ideas for youth development

Approximately two dozen serving government ministers who have participated in the Harvard Ministerial Leadership Program, supported by Big Win Philanthropy, gathered in Johannesburg, South Africa in late November for a three-day roundtable to discuss innovative ideas for youth development.

The roundtable convened the leaders – including finance, economic planning, education, health and youth ministers – and young African achievers from diverse backgrounds to discuss how to optimize the continent’s human capital. The participants worked together to identify strategic intervention points in the health and education of young people to ensure that their generation is adequately equipped to make productive contributions to the economy.

The ministers and youth participants also explored strategies to expand opportunities for income creation and entrepreneurialism for the two thirds of Africans under the age of 30 who are currently unemployed.

In a follow-up survey, participants unanimously rated the roundtable as being ‘extremely useful’ or ‘very useful’ and over 80% of ministers said they are ‘extremely likely’ to include young people in future considerations about their ministries’ policies and programs.

Read more about the roundtable on the Harvard Ministerial Leadership Program’s website.