The County Governors leading devolution in Kenya

Creating a dashboard for local government in Kenya to track the impact of investments in young people

Kenya’s 2013 devolution reforms channel $3 billion a year to 47 new county governments for services such as health, education and agriculture. Big Win Philanthropy commissioned experts to advise Kenya’s Council of Governors on the development of  a dashboard – a regularly-updated summary of key data. The purpose would be to enable county governors to track child and youth indicators to support resource allocation decisions, service delivery and accountability for results.


$3bn a year is being controlled by new county governments
47 counties are co-ordinated by the Council of Governors

First phase of work

This phase of work mapped out what data is available and what skills and analytical tools will be needed to operationalize a dashboard. It also identified priority indicators to assess health, education, employment and governance, and identified what the dashboard should do, such as turning large amounts of data into actionable summaries.